Denotes member of the
Vintage Triumph Register

Nichols Grimes
Marcella and Grady Lagleder
'76 Spitfire Tahiti Blue

Stephen and Yvonne Blanchette
'71 TR6 Sienna

Shantha Gunawardena
'74 Spitfire

Fred Bricker
'80 TR8 Black
'76 TR6 Maple
Craig and Colleen Harris
63 TR3B Black

Ken and Judy Maynard
'73 Stag White
'80 TR-8

Gary & Babette Burley
'73 Stag Emerald
Bill and Sally Hawkins
'75 TR6 Red

Larry McDonald

'79 TR-7 Red

Roberto Cervantes
'69 Spitfire Mk3 Red
Reed and Toni Hayes
'80 TR8 Black
Dirk Mosis, III
'76 TR6
Robert and Sarah Clark
'79 Spitfire Red
'59 TR3A Red/Yellow
Harold and Joanne Higgins
'73 Spitfire
David Mulligan
'78 Spitfire
David & Melissa Cochran
'73 TR6
Bill and Frances Hovestadt
'53 TR3 White
'73 TR6 Yellow
Arthur Petri
'64 Spitfire
'70 GT6
'67 TR4A
'71 TR6
Mike and Susan Connally
2015 Mini Cooper S Red
Dan Hunter
'73 TR6

Tom and Maria Schwennesen

Phillip Czar
'79 Spitfire Vermillion
Albert and Teri Jacob
'80 TR7 Sprint Green
Chris and Kelly Sharp
'80 TR8 DHC Poseidon Green
'78 TR7 FHC White
Kristine and Joseph Egan
'74 Spitfire Yellow
Eric Johnson
'76 TR6

Manny and Robin Sotelo
'80 Spitfire Vermillion
'73 TR6 White

'71 Spitfire Mallard

Albert and Tatiana Estrada
'74 TR6 Red
Joe and Ayelet Kboudi
'73 TR6 Red
Mike Stossel
'70 GT6
Victor Garcia
'74 TR6 Damson
Kent and Sheila Kinard
'80 TR7 Roadster
'78 TR7 Coupe White
Dave and Mary Beth Thomas
'76 TR6 Light Blue
Steve and Alice Gold
'80 Spitfire Silver
Richard King
'81 TR8 Gold
Jerry and Jan Watson
'73 TR6 Damson